Karen Nason is thrilled be back home in her native Gorham and to realize her dream of bringing the spirit of Gotham to Gorham in creating Grand Central Wine Bar. The bar and event space is reminiscent of New York City’s Grand Central Station with gold hues, teal green ceilings, muraled walls with subway station signs, and a baby grand piano. A spectacular spiral staircase leads to a private event space and outdoor terrace.


Karen moved from Gorham to New York City when she was 21 to pursue her singing dreams, and subsequently owned a jazz bar and plant shop in New York City and a café in Hoboken. She is now back after all these years with her husband Frank DeGrim and is so happy to call Gorham home again.


Karen came of age in the famous Elaine’s in New York City and always had a dream of re-creating that experience where musicians and artists can display their talent. That dream has come true with Grand Central Wine Bar. It’s a place where locals and out of towners can relax with a great glass of wine, enjoy some food, and take pleasure in talented artists.